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We are looking for new volunteers for our next trip to Durban. If you want an adventure either fill in the contact form and we will email/post you a copy or  copy and paste the version below and email it to us.

. We are always looking for volunteers and still have spaces on this year’s team.  Email us at cctravellers.edinburgh@outlook if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Traveller/ Travel Pal Application

I am interested in going on the 2016 trip/ I am interested in going on future trips (Delete as appropriate)

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Please answer each question in 200 words or less. Please don’t spend hours doing this we just want to know a little about you!

 1. Tolerant/open-minded/empathetic/considerate/insightful/sensitive. Which one of these words best describes you and why?



  1. What does volunteering in South Africa mean to you?



  1. Give an instance of something you haven’t finished. Why was this the case?


  1. We’re visiting a High School in Durban, and a class has asked you and another member of our team to come see them at lunchtime. When you arrive there is no teacher in the room, but the class still want you to stay. What do you do?



  1. What benefits do you think there are to yourself and to others from you being part of this trip?

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