Crossing Countries tagline is ‘Challenging boundaries, changing lives’. We challenge attitudes and limitations within ourselves and others.

We are passionate about creating equal opportunities for disabled people to travel and to volunteer. Both these experiences enrich and empower the participants and those they are in contact with so why are they often denied to disabled people? We want to change this.

Crossing Countries would not change lives if it was not challenging, and these challenges start before the trip.

The challenge begins…
At least six months before, the Traveller (disabled person) and Travel Pal work together to raise funds and plan for their trip supported by Crossing Countries.
If necessary the Travel Pal undergoes training associated with their Traveller’s disability.
A team is formed from pairs of Travellers and Travel Pals and a Team Leader, who work together before leaving for their adventure.

The challenge …
It is impossible to describe the challenges the team will face when they are abroad.
Some will be foreseen and others will be unexpected.
Some will be simple to overcome and others will be complex.
What is for sure is that there will be fun, laughter and the odd tear along the way!

The challenge continues…
Teams meet afterwards to identify and reflect on what they have achieved and to remember and build on what they gained from their experiences.


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