Getting ourselves known

Getting out there and getting Crossing Countries known is a job in itself. To add to the events we have been taking part in we have also had a photo in the Edinburgh Evening News and a feature in the excellent  Disability Horizons

Laura and I were also invited by Professor Thilo Kroll, to the Social Dimensions of Health Institute, which brings together researchers from both Dundee and St Andrews Universities. Our reflections about our trip can be heard on the link here.

Crossing Countries is now a member of the Scottish Disability Equality Forum and we have been to our first meeting where the Scottish Government Draft Delivery Plan 2016-2020 was discussed.

We have also applied to join Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network and Social Enterprise Scotland.


Author: cctravellersedinburgh

Think unique, think volunteer, think disabled, think overseas, think adventure, think Crossing Countries. We want to make volunteering abroad possible for everyone. We are planning our first trip to Durban, South Africa, this summer to pilot our not-for-profit business. The founders of Crossing Countries are two disabled and three non-disabled friends who want to start a not-for-profit business. The idea is that disabled Travellers and their Travel Pals, plan, train and fund raise together before they go. Jean has been to Durban and Umlazi Township six times and has long held the dream of sharing the empowering experience. W hope to volunteer in street kids projects, with sexually abused children and running disability awareness workshops in High Schools and Universities.

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