For Beth

The Crossing Countries team and I are very sorry that Beth has stepped down as Co director. We want to say all the things that everyone says on these occasions and more. She has been with us since we dreamt of going to Africa, before Crossing Countries was actually born. You could say she is one of this baby social enterprises’ parents, while also being one of its offspring. So Crossing Countries work is done here, she has challenged her boundaries and it is time for her to change her life… time for her to fly and become the world renowned author we know she will be. She has been well warned that when she is signing autographs for the likes of JK Rowling or picking up her first Booker prize she will be wearing a Crossing Countries sweatshirt.

Here is a little collection of our favourite memories of the gorgeous ginger known as ‘Bethers’….

(61) 27 July 2014 Beth & Asiphle (51) 27 July 2014 Beth ...ah they're hats(78) 28 July 2014 Beth at Soiezwe, KwaMashu(177) 1 Aug 2014 The surf dudes return(16) 25 July 2014 the sleeping gingers Dubai(87) 28 July 2014 Beth and Ntuthuko in van


Author: cctravellersedinburgh

Think unique, think volunteer, think disabled, think overseas, think adventure, think Crossing Countries. We want to make volunteering abroad possible for everyone. We are planning our first trip to Durban, South Africa, this summer to pilot our not-for-profit business. The founders of Crossing Countries are two disabled and three non-disabled friends who want to start a not-for-profit business. The idea is that disabled Travellers and their Travel Pals, plan, train and fund raise together before they go. Jean has been to Durban and Umlazi Township six times and has long held the dream of sharing the empowering experience. W hope to volunteer in street kids projects, with sexually abused children and running disability awareness workshops in High Schools and Universities.

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